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Southview Day School

Helping Children Learn Since 1979

Daily Communication

As teachers, we believe that the opportunity for daily conversations with parents at drop-off and pick-up is vital to helping children learn and develop. We will always let you know how your child's day was and what we are hoping to achieve as teachers, classes, and as a ministry. If you have questions, concerns, or just want to talk about your child's progress in more depth, please do not hesitate to contact our director to schedule a conference. We are always happy to communicate with families in any way we can.

What to Bring to School: (Please make sure your child's name is written on all items)

*standard size backpack with a pair of extra clothes and shoes. This backpack should be large enough to fit your child's nap blanket and a standard-sized folder for staff to send information home in.

*standard toddler sized blanket measuring 40'' x 50.'' We send home your child's nap blanket every Friday for you to wash and send back in your child's backpack the following school day. We will also send home your child's assigned nap cot sheet (property of Southview Day School) to be washed. 

*coat/outerwear, depending on the weather.

For children who are not potty-trained, please bring the following items as well: 

*diapers/pull-ups to last the week.

*baby wipes once your child has run out of the three packs donated at the start of the semester. We will let you know on your child's daily report if more wipes are needed. 

For newly potty-trained children, please bring the following items as well: 

*eight pairs of extra underwear and two extra pairs of pants if your child has just made the transition from pull-ups to underwear. During this transition period, multiple accidents can happen each day. 

Daily Folders

Each day we will send a folder home in your child's backpack. Please check your child's folder for the following: 

*Important memos from your child's teacher and director

*academic work and artwork ready to go home.

*daily report for two-year-old students with information regarding their potty-training progress.

*weekly report for students in the threes and pre-k classes with information on how your child is progressing and what your child enjoyed learning.

*monthly calendar highlighting our weekly themes, field trips, show and tell, special events, and holidays

*monthly lunch menu

*monthly newsletter

**Please empty your child's folder and return it to school in your child's backpack each day.**

Monthly Newsletters

Each month we will send home a newsletter celebrating our students' spiritual and academic achievements. We will also send this letter to our Southview United Methodist Church family so that members can see the journey of our staff and students as we have fun and grow as a ministry.